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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Web Services Reliable Messaging

A new version of the Web Services Reliable Messaging spec has been published today. I'm really pleased with the spec:-)

The substantive changes are as follows:
  • added two (optional) operations that enable a destination (or its proxy) to assign the Sequence Identifier (at the request of the source), thus providing for the ability for the destination to perform more efficient resource reclamation
  • added abstract WSDL definitions for the Create/TerminateSequence operations
  • removed the DeliveryAssurance policy assertions section and the associated schema definitions. (The authors believe that this only added to confusion and would be best handled in a separate specification).
  • revised the Security Considerations section to address the issue of retransmission of a message with the same MessageId value.
  • added an optional MessageNumber element as child of the AckRequested header
  • disambiguated the terms "Source" and "Destination" so that there is a clearer distinction between the Application Source/Destination and the RM Source/Destination, reflected this in the model and diagrams of the model
  • revised the section on Faults to provide specific mappings/bindings of fault properties to both SOAP1.1 and SOAP1.2 serializations
  • Other minor editorial nits such as the SOAP1.2 namespace URI, grammatical errors and the contents of the Notational Conventions section


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