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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Go Pats!

All week long, the sports pundits were blathering on, and on, and on about Peyton this and Manning that... how can the Patriots possibly stop this machine that is the Colts' offense. The Patriots are the most under-appreciated team in football because they don't have a standout superstar player like Manning or Vick. Yet, Tom Brady is 7-0 lifetime in post-season play and has been Super Bowl MVP twice. You'd think that would count for something:-)

The Patriots won 20-3 over the Indianapolis Colts in their usual style... no heros, no heroics... just outstanding team play (where they are by far the better team on the field), and solid, impenetrable defensive play (despite their supposedly anemic secondary).

Pittsburg barely beat the Jets yesterday by virtue of the Jets' non-existant offense and pitiful kicking game. While it will most certainly be difficult to win at Pittsburg's Hines field, the Patriots will go into the game as they always do... the better team.

Next weekend is the Super Bowl as far as I am concerned.

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