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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Will this storm beat the blizzard of '78?

Geoff has the records from the NWS.

Yesterday we broke the daily record for snowfall for Jan 22 -- 9.1" at Logan airport. Today's record is 12.4" (1935) which will easily be shattered. Geoff's post had me wondering how they measure snowfall depth in the face of heavy drifting. Apparently, they simply average totals from a variety of locations all selected to minimize drifting.

As for the local report, we've had 2" accumulation since I shoveled the deck just an hour ago. Of course, this is unofficial since I broke the rules by measuring close to a building:-) The winds have somewhat subsided and it is now snowing vertically instead of horizontally, as it was when we woke up. I still can't see the street behind us though.

I should probably get out and clear the driveway before it gets to depths that the snow blower can't handle.


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