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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


WaPo reports: Party Leaders Seek Showdown Over Bush's Judicial Nominees. Yet, 66% of Americans (pdf) oppose the "nuclear option" that would change rules that have been followed by the Senate since it was created. Dubya has gotten 95% of his judicial nominees approved by the Senate, a rate higher than any other president in recent times. What, that isn't good enough? Only 100% will do?

Clearly, this is all about the SCOTUS replacement, probably for Rehnquist, that is inevitable this term. Who does Dubya have in mind that he feels it necessary to be able to ram the approval
through the Senate without debate? James "I beat my dog" Dobson? I cannot imagine that the Dems would filibuster a reasonable choice, like Orin Hatch (for the job he has always coveted). They are always kind to their own. No, my guess is that the Sith Lord has someone else in mind, someone whom the Dems would never in a million years permit to serve on the bench, for life without a nasty fight.

So, the Rethuglicans are willing to disregard 66% of Americans to satisfy the wingnut evangelical fringe. Amazing.

All I can say to "Jar Jar" Frist is: be careful what you ask for... you just might get it.


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