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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Worst. Administration. Ever.

Judging by the volume and mendacity of the Republican whirlitzer, I'd say that Rove is toast. What amazes me most though is the depths to which these slimeballs will stoop. Rep. King says that Karl should receive a medal and that it is Russert and others who should be shot. Yes, shot!

The Republican talking points parroted ad nauseum by Republican politicians, FoxNews, the WSJ and various right wing pundits are replete with outright lies. That Wilson said that Cheney authorized his trip (he never said that), that his wife was not a covert agent (the CIA sez otherwise and would not have brought the charges to the AG had she not been covert), and that Rove was merely helping poor old Matt Cooper from making a mistake in writing about Wilson's trip.

These people have no regard for the truth and no regard for national security. They are protecting a scumbag political hack that outed a covert agent of the CIA and likely put in jeopardy anyone of her contacts and any other NOC working for the CIA front just so that they could exact retribution against someone who had the temerity to put the truth before the American public; that the Bush administration was taking us to war based on "fixed" intellegence.

Fortunately, Rove's fate does not lie in the court of public opinion but in the hands of a special prosecutor who unlike Ken Starr, has been heads down doing his job quietly for 18 months. I seriously doubt that he will come away with nothing to show for his efforts.

This has to be the worst. administration. ever.

Dubya, Cheney, Condi, Rummy, Rove and the rest of the cretins in this administration just make me want to puke.

They have eviscerated the nations military, the economy is in the toilet, and what were once our allies are now at best luke warm acquaintances.

One can only hope that the MSM is finally fed up with the administration's bullshit and that the american public is finally awakening from its post 9/11 PTSD to the fact that nothing this administration says is credible. Nothing.


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