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Monday, August 29, 2005

Arianna rips the NYT editorial board a new one

Arianna rips the increasingly irrelevant NYT editorial board a new one:
Give me a break. This is about none of these things. It is about Judith Miller. And about what role she played in the smearing of a whistleblower. And before we hang the future of the freedom of the press and the vitality of the First Amendment on her, it would be helpful to know whether she was simply an observer of that smearing or an active participant. It would also be interesting to hear from the Times why it has deviated from its own ethical guidelines, which make it clear that the paper’s policy does not permit the granting of anonymity to confidential sources ‘as cover for a personal or partisan attack’. That would certainly seem to include the commission of a felony. But I could be missing something.
I was going to comment on this as well, but Arianna said it all for me. What does Judy have on these guys? Pics of them in women's undies? Seiously...


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