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Sunday, September 11, 2005

How conveeeenient.

Jeralyn of TalkLeft writes:
A video tape threatening a terror attack on Los Angeles has been delivered to ABC News in Pakistan. The big question, as Suburban Guerilla asks, is it real?
As instapundit would so eloquently opine; heh, indeedy.

Here's the problem, Mr Preznit. You've used up all your chits. You've cried wolf too many times. At this point, too many people are skeptical of your fear mongering. Where once you had a significant majority of people who believed that you were "strong on terror", you now have but a scant plurality of brainwashed fools who actually believe Karl's propaganda.

You've played the terrorism card once too many times. To have a terror tape released (by the same clown who released a terror tape on the eve of the presidential election, no less) on the four year anniversary of 9/11, with your approval ratings in the tank is, in a word, predictable.


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