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Thursday, November 17, 2005


The Left Coaster: White House Promises "Sustained Attack" Against Democrats Challenging Iraq Lies:
Fantastic. The White House promised this afternoon to conduct a sustanined attack against the Democrats for suggesting that the administration lied to the American people to sell the war in Iraq. Bring it on losers.

The more the White House keeps the "we didn't lie" message in the media, the more the public will be reminded that they probably did.

And under the alternate theory category, throw in a dash of WMD "salting" into Iraq as the reason why the White House Iraq Group intentionally blew up Brewster Jennings, and who knows how bad it will get for them in the coming weeks?
Interesting post... apparently, there may be more to the outing of Ms Plame than just to retaliate against Joe Wilson's op-ed.

Smells like treason to me, as if there's not already enough treasonous behavior emenating from the OVP.


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