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Monday, November 28, 2005

Who's minding the store?

Via this Eric Alterman post on HuffPo, I stumbled across this gem in yesterday's NYT -- Help Wanted: Academic Economists, Pro-Bush - New York Times:
IT'S no secret that hurricanes and wars have swamped the economic agenda that George W. Bush planned for his second term. In the commotion, however, one fact has gone largely unnoticed: much of Washington's expert economic team has disappeared.

The chairmanship of the Council of Economic Advisers will soon be vacant, and two spots on the Federal Reserve Board that were recently filled by academic economists already are. There is no assistant secretary of the Treasury for tax policy, and the director's chair at the Congressional Budget Office, currently occupied by Douglas J. Holtz-Eakin, will soon be empty, too.

The White House and Congress need as many as five academic economists of high caliber, and it's not obvious where they will come from. The Republican Party may be facing something of a shallow bench.

'Bush's reputation in at least the academic community is about as low as you can imagine,' said William A. Niskanen, who was a member of the council during President Ronald Reagan's first term and is now chairman of the Cato Institute, a libertarian research group. 'A lot of people would not be willing to give up a good tenured position for a position in the White House.'
What will it take before the MSM wakes up to the fact that this administration has been, is, and continues to be a walking disaster that is ruining the coutry day by day? When will the congress wake up and assume its responsibilty of oversight of the executive branch?


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