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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The No-Accountability Administration

There is no depth of depravity low enough for our commander-in-chief Vice President. It wasn't his fault. Noooo... let's get the guy he shot in the face to accept the responsibility for being behind the shooter, where he was supposed to be.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Is there anyone creepier than Dick?

Isn't this a metaphor for all that this administration has done? Blame someone else for their miscues? Accept no responsibility for their actions?

No End to Questions in Cheney Hunting Accident - New York Times (emphasis mine):
Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Willeford said the accident was largely the fault of Mr. Whittington, who had reappeared alongside two of his hunting companions without giving proper warning. Mr. Cheney, who was carrying a 28-gauge shotgun, had already begun to fire and sprayed Mr. Whittington.

'He got peppered pretty good,' Ms. Armstrong said. 'He fell with his head toward me.' She said she ran over to Mr. Whittington, who had fallen, but stayed out of the way while Secret Service agents tended to him.

'There was some bleeding, but it wasn't horrible,' she said. 'He was more bruised.'

Ms. Willeford, whose husband was also at the ranch, said in an interview after visiting the victim at the hospital that Mr. Whittington accepted responsibility for the accident. 'He understands that he could have handled it better,' Ms. Willeford said. 'Harry should have let us know he was back there.'
Sick. Just sick.

As any responsible hunter will tell you, it is the shooter's responsibility to know where each member of his hunting party is at all times. When in doubt, do not shoot. Period.


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