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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What Digby says

This morning, while listening to president Bush spit the words freedom and democracy as applause lines, I read Glenn Greenwald's latest piece, which reminded me that I'm beginning to lose my awareness of being a frog slowly being brought to a boil. Sheehan did not break the law, she has a perfect right to wear a t-shirt in the capital and her arrest was an outrage. These things matter beyond politics or strategy.


It is a sad irony that on the very day she died, the president cheaply invoked her great contribution at virtually the same moment his government was silencing the woman who carries her message today. Arresting Cindy Sheehan for asking how many more American troops must die on the same day that Coretta Scott King passsed away is perfectly emblematic of the bankruptcy of every soaring tribute George W. Bush makes to freedom and democracy.
As usual, Digby nails it perfectly. I had exactly the same reaction when I heard that she had been arrested; I thought she was pulling a stunt and thought that she had become a cartoon of her original objective. I had exactly the same reaction to Glen Greenwald's post this morning.

What has this country come to?

Frankly, I think that the Democratic response to the SOTU last night shouldn't have been given by Gov. Kaine, it should have been given by the entire Democratic delegation; they should have simply chosen not to show up, period. Now, that would have made a statement!

Yeah, in my dreams.


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