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Monday, February 27, 2006

Worst. President. Ever.

Rebuilding Follies (emphasis mine):
The reconstruction of Iraq has cost U.S. taxpayers nearly $30 billion so far, and is still plagued with problems, as evidenced by the daily power outages, degraded water supplies and skyrocketing local fuel prices. Government officials have laid much of the blame on the insurgency, saying it has drained military resources and made it too dangerous for work to proceed smoothly.

Yet a U.S. government report obtained by TIME says that's only part of the story. The report, to be issued this week by the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, catalogs a litany of blunders that had more to do with poor planning in Washington than with the insurgency or sectarian violence.
Recall the quote I highlighted in my previous post:
We need a new word for 'incompetence.' The Bush administration has worn out the old one.
I said in that post that that was being overly generous. Maybe 'serial incompetence' applies, I don't know. Has a week gone by this year when some critical aspect of Bu$hCo incompetence has not made the front pages?

Seriously, the only thing this administration can do effectively is to blackmail the Republicans in Congress so that they don't wander off the reservation on any issue of substance.

Seriously, did you see Rep. Peter King on MTP? The man looked as if his first born had been taken from him as he tried to spin this faux 45-day investigation into the UAE's DPW buyout of operations at six twenty one U.S. ports.

King knows two things: 1) the deal is wrong on som many levels it isn't funny, and 2) that his constituents won't buy any amount of whitewash that the Bu$hCo crowd can lather on this deal. Rep. King is toast in November, and he knows it. Yet, whatever it is that the Bush crime family has on him seems to be more than enough to get him to jeopardize his congressional seat.


Maybe Rep. King should be asking himself if he's ever made any overseas calls.

Well looky here, YABIS (Yet another Bush incompetence scandal):
The governors said they would present their concerns to President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Monday. In a preview of their message, all 50 governors signed a letter to the president opposing any cuts in the size of the National Guard.

"Unfortunately," the letter said, "when our National Guard men and women return from being deployed in foreign theaters, much of their equipment remains behind." The governors said the White House must immediately re-equip Guard units "to carry out their homeland security and domestic disaster duties."
Yeah, that ought to work. Bush will send them off with some hapy smoke up their skirts and then flip them the bird as they turn for the exit.

Worst. President. Ever.

Impeach the whole lot of war criminals and serial incompetents now, before it's too late.

Update: Amazing, the very next story I read in today's WaPo includes this juicy morsel (emphasis mine):
At the same time, White House officials well know that potentially explosive issues are regularly churning through the federal bureaucracy. An effective operation seeks to identify and respond to such matters before they become political problems. That plainly did not happen here, as even White House officials acknowledge.
It goes on to say that even the WH spin meisters are suffering from scandal fatigue. However, the highlighted sentence makes it clear that the serial incompetence is coming home to roost.


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