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Thursday, April 27, 2006

5th time's a charm?

The sub-title says it all:
Bush Aide Is Said To Be Unsure if He Will Be Indicted

Rove Testifies 5th Time On Leak:
Luskin said in a statement that the top Bush strategist testified 'voluntarily and unconditionally' at Fitzgerald's behest.
be┬Ěhest Audio pronunciation of "behest" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (b-hst)

1. An authoritative command.
2. An urgent request: I called the office at the behest of my assistant.

Uhmmm... how does one reconcile "voluntarily" with behest? The next graph in the article provides a clue:
"In connection with this appearance, the special counsel has advised Mr. Rove that he is not a target of the investigation," Luskin said in a statement. "Mr. Fitzgerald has affirmed that he has made no decision concerning charges."
Again, we get the spin only from the Rove camp, because Fitzgerald has so doggedly kept his mouth shut. However, it seems rather odd to be saying that "in connection with his appearance" that Rove is "not a target of the investigation".

Recall that just before "Scooter" was indicted, Rove made his fourth appearance before the grand jury "voluntarily", of course. One wonders just what motivated that appearance.

Jason Leopold's latest provides additional clues:
Karl Rove's appearance before a grand jury in the CIA leak case Wednesday comes on the heels of a "target letter" sent to his attorney recently by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, signaling that the Deputy White House Chief of Staff may face imminent indictment, sources that are knowledgeable about the probe said Wednesday.
Ah, that would explain "behest", and why Rove "voluntarily" chose to appear for the fifth time. He only did so, as he did back in October, to try once again to avoid indictment. Maybe one more morsel for Fitzgerald to chew on would delay the grim reaper's call.

I suppose that now we have to wait a few more weeks for Fitz to mull over whatever additional evidence that Rove has provided the grand jury before he makes up his mind for the last time. I cannot imagine that he will allow this slime-bag another last-minute appearance. Three strikes and you're out.

Fitzgerald is not an idiot. He must know he is being played. One only wonders when his patience will run out.

Soon, I hope.


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