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Friday, May 19, 2006

Senate Votes English as 'National Language'

Senate Votes English as 'National Language':
After an emotional debate fraught with symbolism, the Senate yesterday voted to make English the 'national language' of the United States, declaring that no one has a right to federal communications or services in a language other than English except for those already guaranteed by law.

The measure, approved 63 to 34, directs the government to 'preserve and enhance' the role of English, without altering current laws that require some government documents and services be provided in other languages. Opponents, however, said it could negate executive orders, regulations, civil service guidances and other multilingual ordinances not officially sanctioned by acts of Congress.
Your tax dollars, at work. It isn't as if there are more compelling matters on which the Senate should be working. You know, minor matters such as energy independence, securing our ports and the deficit.


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