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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thank you Sen. Dodd
The Military Commissions Act. Warrantless wiretapping. Shredding of Habeas Corpus. Torture. Extraordinary Rendition. Secret Prisons.

No more.

I have decided to place a "hold" on the latest FISA bill that would have included amnesty for telecommunications companies that enabled the President's assault on the Constitution by illegaly providing personal information on their customers without judicial authorization.

I said that I would do everything I could to stop this bill from passing, and I have.

It's about delivering results -- and as I've said before, the FIRST thing I will do after being sworn into office is restore the Constitution. But we shouldn't have to wait until then to prevent the further erosion of our country's most treasured document. That's why I am stopping this bill today.
You can thank Sen. Dodd here. It is about damned time that someone stood up to the criminals in the administration. The cave-in that Sen. Rockefeller agreed to, to provide retro-active immunity to the telcos, is in fact a cover for the administration that ensures that the administration's criminal acts will never be exposed to the light of day.


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