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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Witch Hunt

All the fuss over Gov. Spitzer's dalliances, with every Republican within shouting distance of a camera calling for him to resign, or face impeachment. (Seriously? Impeachment? Seriously?) Reminds me of the scene above from Monty Python's Holy Grail.

Karl Rove and George Bush are rolling on the floor laughing their heads off that they have managed to put a stake through the heart of yet another Democrat.

This is the best that they could come up with? He paid a high priced call-girl for sex?

CNN, MSNBC and I am sure Fox News (though I wouldn't watch Fox on a bet) are all a-twitter with their resignation watches. Commentary is that since Spitzer's prosecutions as AG of NY were all about ethics, etc. that he has demonstrated sheer hypocrisy ... sorry, when did paying for sex become unethical? Immoral, possibly. Unethical? Hardly.

This story wouldn't make the want-ad pages if it had occurred in Europe.

What I can't figure out is why no one in the MSM is looking into exactly why it was that Spitzer was being investigated by the IRS, the FBI and the Justice Department in the first place. Hmmmm? One might also be asking why his name was leaked from the Justice Department... after all, he has not been charged with any crimes, to date.

Under the Bush Administration, Justice Department has become it's antithesis. Mark my words... this is related to the US Attorney scandal and the corruption of the Justice Department under the Bush Administration.

I want my country back. I want the assholes in the White House impeached and prosecuted for the war crimes that everyone on the planet knows that they have committed, but seem afraid to acknowledge.



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