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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Casting out his inner republican

David Brooks wrestles with himself and casts out his conservative demon.
He starts off chastising Nancy Pelosi for being mean - wah! Then, he blames the
complete collapse of western civilization on the Democrats, who failed to deliver
the last 30% of their caucus:
House leaders of both parties got wrapped up in their own negotiations, but did it occur to any of them that it might be hard to pass a bill fairly described as a bailout to Wall Street? Was the media darling Barney Frank too busy to notice the 95 Democrats who opposed his bill? Pelosi’s fiery speech at the crucial moment didn’t actually kill this bill, but did she have to act like a Democratic fund-raiser at the most important moment of her career?
Maybe someone could point out to Mr Brooks what bi-partisan means. Of course, he is a smart man, so attributing his statement above to ignorance would be unfair. Rather, he just can't bring himself to admit that it was the Republicans that screwed the pooch yesterday. In order to get this legislation passed, it had to be done in such a manner as to NOT permit one party to damn the other in the lead-up to the election, for having voted for this bill. The agreement was that they would each deliver 50% of their respective caucuses. The Republicans failed - miserably.

Then, after ensuring that he leads with blaming Nancy and Barney, he turns his limited attention to the Republicans:
House Republicans led the way and will get most of the blame. It has been interesting to watch them on their single-minded mission to destroy the Republican Party. Not long ago, they led an anti-immigration crusade that drove away Hispanic support. Then, too, they listened to the loudest and angriest voices in their party, oblivious to the complicated anxieties that lurk in most American minds.

Now they have once again confused talk radio with reality. If this economy slides, they will go down in history as the Smoot-Hawleys of the 21st century. With this vote, they’ve taken responsibility for this economy, and they will be held accountable. The short-term blows will fall on John McCain, the long-term stress on the existence of the G.O.P. as we know it.

I’ve spoken with several House Republicans over the past few days and most admirably believe in free-market principles. What’s sad is that they still think it’s 1984. They still think the biggest threat comes from socialism and Walter Mondale liberalism. They seem not to have noticed how global capital flows have transformed our political economy.
Maybe Mr Brooks should read what he is writing. Most admirably? Sad? These people just tanked the economy and they are to be lauded for "admirably" sticking to their principles - the ones responsible for this mess?


In the end, he calls for "big daddy", not regulation:
What we need in this situation is authority. Not heavy-handed government regulation, but the steady and powerful hand of some public institutions that can guard against the corrupting influences of sloppy money and then prevent destructive contagions when the credit dries up.
Again, does he read what he is writing? No evil nasty regulations, just the steady and powerful hand of some public institution. By what means does he think that such an institution realizes its authority?

Clearly, Mr Brooks is in need of an intervention. His head is about to explode. He just cannot bring himself to admit that the "principles" he has been espousing for all this time have proven themselves to be devoid of merit.


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