Chris's Rants

Monday, February 28, 2005


Someone please whack these idiots with a clue stick: Industry analysts attack plans to increase prices. - Feb. 28, 2005. Raise the prices? How about lower the prices?! It isn't like they have any production costs; send the bits to Apple or Napster and cash the checks.
But just as music lovers are being coaxed into using legitimate download services, price jumps could prod them back to piracy, industry analysts said.

"I think whoever came up with this idea understands the online music industry about as well as a cow understands algebra," said Phil Leigh, senior analyst for Inside Digital Media.

"If the labels really want to fight piracy, it defies logic to increase prices and create more of a disincentive for the consumer to use legitimate providers. If they want to encourage the public to use legitimate online pricing, raising prices is about the last thing they should think of doing."