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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Crunch time

Crunch Time for the US Media:
There is a devious sleight of hand at work here. The Bush administration is not denying anything - they are arguing context. And the media - even Newsweek - is accepting this shift in context and dutifully reporting (as in the story above) that the story was 'botched' or 'discredited.'

Is there no journalist left in this country that can see that as a violation of what was once an honored profession? Is there no one who will stand up and call out the White House for destroying what trust is left in the media?

Time is running out. It may already be too late to save journalism. But if someone's going to stand up to this administration, they'd better do it damn soon. Knuckling under to government threats, whether the media realizes it or not, leads us down the road to state-controlled media and, ultimately, fascism.

The media has a choice - they can either be complicit in the destruction of their profession, and by extension, this country. Or they can snap out of it, look in the mirror, and tell themselves that they refuse to go out like whipped dogs.

Your call, media. Do the right thing. Your country is depending on you. Don't let us down.
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