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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Y! Music Unlimited

Y! Music Unlimited was launched today. Unfortunately, they're missing out on a substantial portion of the market:
iPod Users: If you're an iPod user with a Windows-based PC, you can transfer music you already own to an Apple iPod using the Yahoo! Music Engine. Unfortunately, iPods are not currently compatible with the Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription service.
That sucks. $4.99/mo for unlimited music is something I might seriously consider. $0.79/burnable song is $0.20 cheaper than iTunes.

Will this put pressure on iTunes? I seriously doubt it. They have a fanatically loyal customer base. I know I wouldn't be willing to give up my iPod.

All of these standards wars (and that's what they are) are inane. I do mean all of them. These petty vendor wars do not in any way benefit you or I, the consumer.


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