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Saturday, August 13, 2005

He knows that you know...

If the catastrophe of Iraq proved nothing else, it established beyond doubt that once this administration has set its course on war, nothing will stop it: not the facts, not the absence of a genuine threat, and not the necessity of engaging in a nonstop campaign of lies to convince the American public that the threat is real. Since the administration is willing to expend precious American blood on a nonexistent threat and act in a manner that only weakens our nation, one can justifiably say that force is its preferred and first option, not a reluctant last option.

And we know now that the administration decided on war against Iraq long before that fateful decision was openly admitted before the world. The charade with the U.N., and Powell’s lie-filled speech, proved that the Bush administration has nothing but the deepest contempt for diplomacy.

Given this very recent history, Bush’s lies about the dance with Iran are not the worst aspect of his performance. It is that the lies are so patently obvious: they are the lies of a man who knows that you know he’s lying, and who knows that you know that he knows—and who doesn’t give a damn. He is convinced there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.


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