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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We're fighting them over there...

... so we don't have to fight them here?

From today's WaPo -- Strain of Iraq War Means the Relief Burden Will Have to Be Shared (emphasis mine):
National Guard officials in the states acknowledged that the scale of the destruction is stretching the limits of available manpower while placing another extraordinary demand on their troops -- most of whom have already served tours in Iraq or Afghanistan or in homeland defense missions since 2001.


"This is the biggest disaster we've ever had, so we're going to need more aircraft than we've got," said Col. Bradly S. MacNealy, the Mississippi Army National Guard's aviation officer. Mississippi has had to borrow from Arkansas UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters fitted with hoists, using them together with the Coast Guard to pluck to safety several dozen people stranded by floodwaters, he said.
Question for you Mr. President... had this been a terrorist attack instead of a natural disaster, would we be prepared to deal with it? Somehow, I think not. It should be clear to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, that the war in Iraq has in fact not made us safer here at home. Quite the opposite.
Recruiting and retention problems are worsening the strain on Guard forces in hurricane-ravaged states. Alabama's Army National Guard has a strength of 11,000 troops -- or 78 percent of the authorized number. "We're just losing too many out the back door," Arnold said.
Maybe Karl should change the talking point to: "We're fighting them over there, so we can't fight them over here".

Worst. administration. ever. period.


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