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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Let the SwiftBoating begin!

FEMA Employee Accuses Agency of Incompetence (emphasis mine):
Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN tonight was a wealth of information tonight, and the transcript is here. Not to slight all the other stories, including a great shouting match between Kenner city officials on tape accusing each other of incompetence and racism, the main story to me was the FEMA employee union president accusing those in charge of ignoring their own dire warnings and botching the relief efforts while the rank and file felt helpless:
They're all coming out of the woodwork now. This guy, Leo Bosner, was also on NPR's Morning Edition with much of the same. Bush won't hesitate to can this guy, the way he did with FEMA "heckovajob" Director Brown, although firing this guy could get messy since he's the Union president.

However, FEMA itself seems to be its own worst enemy. Nearly three weeks into the "exercise", as Cheney called it, FEMA still hasn't managed to extract its head from its ass:
The federal aid hot line mentioned by President Bush in his address to the nation on Thursday cannot handle the flood of calls, leaving thousands of people unable to get through for help, day after day.
I can't imagine that Ron Popeil would have aired an infomercial without having enough operators "standing by". All of Dubya's chickens have come home to roost, and they're crapping all over the place.

The FEMA clown show, highlighted in the NYT article linked above, is worse than just a flooded 800 number. Apparently, to get any help at all, you HAVE to call the 800 number, but in many of the affected areas, there is still no phone service. Maybe FEMA should revisit that decision.

FEMA also has trouble delivering ice. Seems that someone is playing a logistical shell game with hundreds of truckloads of ice that were prepositioned before the storm, but have since been redirected from city to city costing taxpayers substantial amounts of money.

In their zeal to stick it to the little guy and line the pockets of their good buddies at Halliburton and Bechtel, it seems that the BushCo clown show may have actually violated the law. I'm glad that the Dems, along with the MSM, seem to be rediscovering their spine.

So, while Bush may talk a good game, his minions can't execute worth a damn unless it is to attack someone for their patriotism. I suspect that we will continue to see the Rove smear machine in action, but there may be too many to deal with at one time which will dilute the message, as well as Rove's investigative capacity, and make the administration look even more like it's doing all the finger-pointing.


  • Chris, you seem bitter.

    I've found that knowing God helps me enjoy life more.

    thanks, Ben

    By Blogger bjenkins, at September 17, 2005 11:57 PM  

  • "his minions can't execute worth a damn unless it is to attack someone for their patriotism"

    At over 1900 US casualties in Iraq, I don't think the minions are good at the attack either.


    By Anonymous Ginny Ghezzo, at September 21, 2005 7:43 AM  

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