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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Not my job, man

If you can, watch Chertoff's performance on MTP.

Russert basically places the responsibility squarely at his feet of DHS for abdicating its responsibility to aid in the evacuation of the city, and that smarmy weasel basically said that "legally" it is the responsibility of the city, state and local governments to declare an evacuation and that the people who stayed behind got what they deserved for not leaving the city.

Russert was incredulous and said that not everyone has an SUV, car or plane ticket to get them out, and that isn't it the responsibility of the federal government to provide them with the resources to do so?!

Chertoff then said that it wasn't his responsibility. Amazing.

The accountability-free administration strikes again.

Is there no limit to the depths of irresponsible incompetence of these people?! Is there no limit to the depths to which they will stoop to absolve themselves of any responsibility for their (in)actions?!


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