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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You go, girl!

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Cheney accused on prisoner abuse:
Col Wilkerson has in the past accused the vice-president of responsibility for the conditions which led to the abuse of prisoners.

But this time he has gone much further, appearing to suggest Mr Cheney should face war crimes charges, our correspondent adds.
One wonders why the swiftboat veterans for truth™ haven't emerged from under their rocks to discredit Col. Wilkerson. Read the whole article. It is really quite amazing. Wilkerson's position seems to be changing quite radically from one of "mistakes were made" to "we were mislead":
He said that he laid the blame on the issue of prisoner abuse and post-war planning for Iraq "pretty fairly and squarely" at Mr Cheney's feet.

"I look at the relationship between Mr Cheney and Mr Rumsfeld as being one that produced these two failures in particular, and I see that the president is not holding either of them accountable... so I have to lay some blame at his feet too," he went on.

In the BBC interview, Col Wilkerson also developed his views on whether or not pre-war intelligence was deliberately misused by the White House.

He said that he had previously thought only honest mistakes were made.

But recent revelations about doubts in the intelligence community that appear to have been suppressed in the run-up to the war have made him question this view.


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