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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Oh, please

Completed Qaeda Application Said to Be Filled Out by Padilla - New York Times:
Federal prosecutors on Friday released an application to join a training camp of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan that they say was filled out by Jose Padilla.

The 'Mujahideen Data Form' bears the signature of Abu Abdallah al Muhajir, which the F.B.I. says is the Muslim name that Mr. Padilla adopted after he converted to Islam.
ROFLMAO! A form?! Yes, I am so sure that Osama has prospective jihadists filling out employment forms. He keeps them all, along with quarterly fitness reports, in a set of filing cabinets that he carries on his back from cave to cave in the mountains on the border bewteen Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Alternate spellings of name:
Alternate spellings of alias:
Alternate spellings of alternate spellings of name:
Date of birth:
Education: _ Madrassa _ H.S. _ College _ Bomb-making 101
Previous employer:
Current employer:
Were you ever in the CIA, NSA, FBI, Interpol, ...: Y/N
Please list your last three terrorist activities:
Next of kin:

Update: Jesus General has a much better one here. Blah3 has one here (brilliant!)



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