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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wanker of the day

Peter Daou: Why Did Russert Ask Obama About Harry Belafonte? | The Huffington Post:
And something very strange happened on Meet The Press. I'm wondering what Huffington Post readers make of it: Tim Russert asked Senator Barack Obama to respond to Harry Belafonte's remarks about George W. Bush being a 'terrorist.'

My question is, why? Why did Russert ask Obama in particular about the statements of someone who isn't an elected official, who doesn't speak for Democrats, who doesn't represent Obama, who doesn't represent the Democratic Party, who is entitled to his own opinion.

Why? Imagine how the Sunday shows would go if Republicans were asked to explain the vicious rantings of random rightwing figures.
I was floored by this line of questioning as well. I couldn't help but feel that Russert should be held accountable and be forced to apologise to Sen. Obama for his inappropriate question. Just because the Senator is black, doesn't mean that he should be called upon to answer for the rantings of someone else who just happens to be black.

Pathetic. This is the guy who was once considering buying our house on Nantucket?


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