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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Iraq through the prism of Vietnam

Iraq through the prism of Vietnam:
Those who say Iraq is nothing like Vietnam have another guess coming, says retired Gen. William Odom. He lists striking similarities and asserts that only after it pulls out of Iraq can the U.S. hope for international support to deal with anti-Western forces.

By William E. Odom

The Vietnam War experience can’t tell us anything about the war in Iraq – or so it is said. If you believe that, trying looking through this lens, and you may change your mind.
File this under: No Sh*t Sherlock... anyone who hadn't been drinking the Rovian Kool Aid recognized this within a couple Month's of Dubya's "Mission Accomplished" photo-op.

Many, including Doofus's daddy's most trusted advisors forwaw this long before the first troops set foot into Iraq.

Only those who had been fooled into the belief that Saddam had some direct involvement in 9/11 by the most mendacious administration in U.S. history, and who have n't been to an intervention yet think that this debacle has made us safer.

Can we impeach the war criminals now?


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