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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sealed vs. Sealed

Sealed vs. Sealed Curiouser and curiouser. D'ya think that maybe Fitz has maybe shifted his focus to Shooter?

Update: Huh, waddya know. MSNBC is now claiming that Bush's Brain won't be indicted.

emptywheel has up a post that offers as good an analysis of what may be going on as any I have seen. It is entirely likely that Fitz has indicted Rove, who has struck a deal to save his ample posterior by throwing Shooter under the proverbial bus.

While it is a shame that one of the most reprehensible figures in today's political circles won't be frog-marched from the White House, the prospect that the architect of this administration's vendetta against the balance of powers written into the Constitution, that have been the strength of our republic for over 200 years, may be sacrificed to salvage what's left of Bush's legacy seems like a fair compromise.


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