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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Also sprach President Bush:
Second, we have made it clear to all nations, if you harbor terrorists, you are just as guilty as the terrorists; you're an enemy of the United States, and you will be held to account.
Makes you wonder why, in response to the news from Yemen, that a division has not already been dispatched, the bombing has not already started, to hold the Yemeni government to account for harboring a terrorist.
"We are dismayed and deeply disappointed in the government of Yemen's decision not to imprison [Jamal al-Badawi]," said a Justice Department statement issued by the Department's National Security Division.

"We have communicated our displeasure to Yemeni officials," the statement said.

The statement pointedly referred to al-Badawi as one of the FBI's most wanted terrorists and noted prosecutors in New York City want to get their hands on him.

"He was convicted in Yemeni courts and has been indicted in the Southern District of New York," the Justice Department said. Officials said the decision is not consistent with cooperation between counterterrorism officials of the United States and Yemen.

Al-Badawi -- who had escaped prison last year -- was freed after turning himself in two weeks ago, renouncing terrorism and pledging allegiance to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, according to news reports.

Witnesses said al-Badawi was "receiving well-wishers at his home" in Aden, Yemen, according to The Associated Press in Sana, Yemen.
This is the guy who was convicted, twice, of attacking the U.S. Cole. He has also "escaped" from Yemeni jail, twice (you'd think he was Steve McQueen, or something).

So, basically, all he has to do is to "renounce" terrorism and pledge allegiance to the Yemeni President, and "it's all good"?



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