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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Finally, MSM wakes up to the truth

The FISA Follies, Redux (emphasis mine):
Mr. Bush says without amnesty, the government won’t get cooperation in the future. We don’t buy it. The real aim is to make sure the full story of the illegal wiretapping never comes out in court.

The NYT editorial board finally grows a spine. FWIW, I'm glad that this is coming to light, finally.

This salient point has been widely understood here in East Blogistan, but it has been largely ignored (or, likely buried) by the MSM. Hence, your average citizen doesn't really appreciate what is at stake.

  1. The CheneyBush administration violated the law
  2. The only way that this can be proven is via the courts, through civil suits against the telcos that perpetrated the administration's dirty work
  3. Giving the telcos retroactive immunity effectively shuts off any avenues to hold the administration accountable for their illegal acts

It has to be pretty clear that this is not about improving the FISA legislation, "to keep America safe from terrorists". If that were the case, then clearly, Bush wouldn't be threatening to veto any new legislation, simply because it didn't grant retroactive immunity. This is all about CYA for the criminal enterprise that currently occupies the White House.


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