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Friday, February 08, 2008

Yet another case of politicized DoJ

Justice Department Indicts Respected Miami Lawyer (emphasis mine):
This case represents the first time ever in which federal criminal charges were brought against a lawyer whose legal work consisted of representing a fellow lawyer who sought advice about compensation for defending a client in a criminal case. To target an adversary like Ben Kuehne, who is held in such high regard by the community and whose integrity is unquestioned, sends a message that any lawyer is at risk, even concerning previously unheard of prosecution strategies like those used here. Finally the fact that this prosecution is political payback is demonstrated by the government’s efforts to leak its investigation while Ben’s lawyers were trying to convince Washington that these allegations were unfounded. On a number of occasions Washington provided reporters with the details of the investigation in an effort to destroy Ben’s reputation in the community. They did so knowing that there was no one to investigate their unlawful violations of grand jury secrecy.
Political payback for representing Al Gore in 2000, and Kerry in 2004. Your Justice Department has been turned into Bush's hatchet men.

I need to vomit.


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