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Monday, March 17, 2008

NYT Fiunally grows a set

The Intelligence Cover-Up
Finally, Mr. Bush said it was vital to national security to give amnesty to any company that turned over data on Americans without a court order. The purpose of this amnesty is not to protect national secrets — that could be done during a trial — but to make sure that the full damage to Americans’ civil liberties is never revealed. Mr. Bush also objects to a provision that would create a committee to examine his warrantless spying program.

Mr. Bush wanted the House to approve the Senate’s version of the bill, which includes Mr. Bush’s amnesty and does not do nearly as good a job of preserving Americans’ rights. We were glad the House ignored his bluster. If the Senate cannot summon the courage and good sense to follow suit, there is no rush to pass a law.

The president will continue to claim the country is in grave danger over this issue, but it is not. The real danger is for Mr. Bush. A good law — like the House bill — would allow Americans to finally see the breathtaking extent of his lawless behavior.
It is about time that the so-called MSM finally grew a set and called into question the Administration's increasingly shrill calls to approve the Senate version of the FISA bill (the one that includes immunity for telcos).

I only wish that this sort of demonstration of press-gonads had been evident throughout the full 7 years of this disasterous adminstration.


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