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Friday, May 23, 2008

Coalition of the willing?

Iraq Spending Ignored Rules, Pentagon Says:
The Pentagon report, titled “Internal Controls Over Payments Made in Iraq, Kuwait and Egypt,” also notes that auditors were unable to find a comprehensible set of records to explain $134.8 million in payments by the American military to its allies in the Iraq war.

The mysterious payments, whose amounts had not been publicly disclosed, included $68.2 million to the United Kingdom, $45.3 million to Poland and $21.3 million to South Korea. Despite repeated requests, Pentagon auditors said they were unable to determine why the payments were made.

“It sounds like the coalition of the willing is the coalition of the paid — they’re willing to be paid,” said Mr. Waxman
Read the whole article... what I want to know is why isn't someone being impeached? This is starting to sound like a war started with the express objective of taking money out of the U.S. Treasury and putting it in the hands of some of Dear Leader's BFFs.


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