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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Must Read TV!

mnot recommended this site at dinner last night during a discussion in which we all found out we were closet fans of The Apprentice.

Here's a taste:
Previously on Repeated Scans Of The Patient's Head Showed Nothing: VersaCorp swept Amy back into its loving arms, saving her from spending another three days tending to Assorama's massive head wound. Trump wasn't sure that continuing to give Amy all the power was such a great idea, but she's the cutest, dammit -- ask her yourself. Teams had to choose an artist whose work they could sell, and while VersaCorp chose the lovely and simple paintings of Andrei the "abstract nature-based painter," Protégé chose the psychiatrically diagnosable works of Meghan the "somewhat crazy Photoshop freakazoid with a possible incest fixation and some weird-ass thing about frogs."
I wish it had an RSS feed!


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