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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Whoa! Larisa Alexandrovna is one pissed off woman!
Odd, we knew about hurricanes, especially those of us who went through four of them last year in a three week run. We knew. Scientists knew. So did and the city of New Orleans via its mayor who repeatedly asked for government funding. In fact, every rational person on the planet knows that the top priority of a good leader is 'the people', not his frat house pals!

Tax cuts to the top-already-grossly-rich 2% of the nation over the duties to the other 98% of the people, is unpardonable!

We have to sit and watch the myriad of horrors inflicted on us and on others on behalf of us: Dick simulates, Bush tans, Laura reads, twins go shopping, Lynn writes trite tales of love, and a psychotic Rummy tortures, rapes, and murders in our name.

That about cover it? Not quite.

Mr. Bush, go Cheney yourself!

And Mr. Cheney, take your war games, your Rummy, Rove, Condi, Hadley, Libby, and especially your over priced and frozen over wife, and shove them up your Ashcroft.


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