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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Faylur to cammewnicate part deux

Laura Rosen writes:
How in the world four years after 9/11 has this not be fixed? What did people really need last Monday and Tuesday? Information. That was what was so utterly third world seeming about the chaotic aftermath, the fact that DHS officials in Washington somehow had no idea what all of us were seeing at the Convention Center, as if it was happening in Sudan. It's genuinely startling to realize how bad things are four years after 9/11. What in the world has the Bush administration been doing for four years? Truly, what? Imagine after a terrorist attack -- when no one would have been evacuated -- how unprepared the government would be to respond. It's third world standards. What have they been spending all the money on? Who's supposed to be accountable if not the directors of FEMA and DHS?
You really should read the whole thing. I wrote about this last week. What was the Bush administration doing? They were catering to the corporate interests for NextTel and other communication corporations rather than addressing an issue of national security. Their actions should have consequences. It is simply inexcusable that four years after 9/11, we are no safer.

The Bush clown show ran for re-election as being supposedly tougher on terrorism. "Who will keep you safer?" they asked us. Clearly, it was all a pack of lies. A slick PR campaign that was utterly devoid of substance. We've spent billions on the new DHS and what have we gotten in return? Nothing that actually makes us safer.

The Gulf Coast was less safe, because it couldn't muster enough National Guard to secure the region because nearly half their available troops had been deployed in Iraq.

The Gulf Coast was less safe because the Bush administration de-emphasised FEMA's role in natural disaster recovery efforts.

The Gulf Coast was less safe because funds that could have been used to shore up the leveee system had been diverted to Bush's folly in Iraq.

Unless congress acts swiftly, many of the affected people in the Gulf Coast region who could previously have declared bankruptcy in the face of such a disaster, will be hounded into debtor's prison thanks to the recently approved Bankruptcy Reform bill, pressed through congress by the corporate interests of the financial industry, that makes it far more difficult for the average person to declare bankruptcy.

Do you feel safer, more secure, now?


  • Europe is adopting a continent-wide system; Tetra (search for tetra radio) to see the specs, as the single digital emergency-service radio across all the countries, a kind of "GSM for the police".

    Hopefully the US will follow suit, instead of copying the telecomms freeforall that means your mobile doesn't always work in different cities. Then when the canadian or UK governments offer help, there will be no reason to turn it down...

    By Anonymous SteveL, at September 06, 2005 11:57 AM  

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