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Monday, September 05, 2005

New Rule

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: September 04, 2005 - September 10, 2005 Archives:
As noted, the Washington Post got burned today by a 'senior Bush official' who told them that Gov. Blanco of Louisiana had never declared a state of emergency in the site -- a claim the Post printed as fact. Yet the claim was demonstrably false and by late afternoon the Post had been compelled to print a correction.

This week's Newsweek contains the same false claim -- and though their recital of the anecdote is unsourced, common sense suggests that someone or some operation fed them both the same line, which neither organization checked out before running.

Monday's Times, not surprisingly, confirms that the White House damage control operation is being run by Karl Rove and Dan Bartlett.

Add it up.

And who will report this out?
New Rule: when a senior administration official spews forth bald-faced lies under the cover of anonymity, burn them. Out them on the front page, with the headline: Liar accompanied by a head shot, or even better, with some less than complimentary photo.

Better yet, because of the frequency of this behavior by the current administration, there should be a regular column: This Week's Bald-faced Liar. People could set up office pools to bet on who it will be this week. (Actually, because it will almost invariably be Rove, names would have to be chosen by lot).


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