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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No time for finger pointing

Salt Lake Tribune:
ATLANTA - Not long after some 1,000 firefighters sat down for eight hours of training, the whispering began: 'What are we doing here?'
As New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin pleaded on national television for firefighters - his own are exhausted after working around the clock for a week - a battalion of highly trained men and women sat idle Sunday in a muggy Sheraton Hotel conference room in Atlanta.
No, what they were saying was what the f*** are we doing here?

As Josh Marshall says, "You can't make this shit up".

So, is this the sort of response that DHS will have for a terrorist attack? 8 hour training sessions to turn first responders into Bush propagandists so we can all learn how tough he is on terrorism?

I feel sooo much safer now.


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