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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Are we having fun yet?

Electronic Voting Examined; Deadline Nears - Yahoo! News (emphasis mine):
In North Carolina, officials were expected to announce Thursday which voting machine vendors meet new standards for election equipment. The toughened requirements — which include placing the machines' software code in escrow for examination in case of a problem — have already led one top supplier, Diebold Inc., to say it will withdraw from the state, where about 20 counties use Diebold voting machines.

Other states have similar rules, but Diebold argued that North Carolina's law was too broad. The company said that to comply, it would have to disclose proprietary code behind Microsoft Corp.'s Windows CE operating system, which is used in its machines.

While rival machine vendors say they can meet those standards, Diebold sought to be exempted, asking a judge to protect it from criminal prosecution if it didn't disclose the code. The judge, Wake County's Narley Cashwell, declined to issue such a blanket protection.

A different kind of showdown is brewing in California, where Secretary of State Bruce McPherson says he might force e-voting machine makers to prove their systems can withstand attacks from a hacker.

One such test on a Diebold system — Diebold machines were blamed for voting disruptions in a 2004 California primary — is expected to happen in the next few weeks.

The state has been negotiating details with Finnish security expert Harri Hursti, who uncovered severe flaws in a Diebold system used in Leon County, Fla. (He demonstrated how vote results could be changed, then made screens flash 'Are we having fun yet?')
Didn't Dubya tell Diebold that they were doing a heckovajob? Why on earth would they have a problem with having their software escrowed? Are they afraid that someone will find the smoking gun after another election is stolen by Bu$hCo?

This GAO report, that has gone uncovered by MSM, basically confirms that it would not require a broad conspiracy in order to hijack an election using electronic voting such as that used in Ohio. It could have been handled by a very small cadre of political hacks hackers.


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