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Monday, January 23, 2006

Halliburton cited in Iraq contamination -

Hey Dick, go Cheney yourself.

Halliburton cited in Iraq contamination -
Carter said he resigned in early April after Halliburton officials did not take any action to inform the camp population.

The water expert said he told company officials at the base that they would have to notify the military. 'They told me it was none of my concern and to keep my mouth shut,' he said.

On at least one occasion, Carter said, he spoke to the chief military surgeon at the base, asking him whether he was aware of stomach problems afflicting people. He said the surgeon told him he would look into it.

'They brushed it under the carpet,' Carter said. 'I told everyone, 'Don't take showers, use bottled water.'

A July 14, 2005, memo showed that Halliburton's public relations department knew of the problem.

'I don't want to turn it into a big issue right now,' staff member Jennifer Dellinger wrote in the memo, 'but if we end up getting some media calls I want to make sure we have all the facts so we are ready to respond.'

Halliburton's performance in Iraq has been criticized in a number of military audits, and congressional Democrats have contended that the Bush administration has favored the company with noncompetitive contracts.


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