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Friday, June 16, 2006

"It's a number"

The Next Hurrah: 'It's a number.' Saying the Names of the 2500:
Today, we reached another "milestone" in Iraq. Twenty-five hundred American military personnel have died or been killed, every one of them thanks to the avarice, cold-blooded ruthlessness and corrupt ineptitude of the Bush Regime. Of the 2500 dead, White House press secretary Tony Snow said today: It's a number."

Proving what a perfect spokesman he is for the chickenhawks who concocted this war and murdered the 2500 as surely as if they made them kneel with their thumbs tied behind their backs and personally beheaded them. The Bush Regime would surely prefer these 2500 to be just "a number." Nameless statistics. Known only to their friends and kin, not the wider community of America whose future and freedom they were supposedly sent off to kill and die for.
Is there a more cynical phrase that Snowjob could have chosen to spew when asked to comment on the event of the 2,500th US serviceperson fatality in Bush's preemptive war of choice?
It's a number


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