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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Priceless TBogg:
Lets review:

The US government builds up a huge case against al Arian (so big, in fact, that Attorney John Ashcroft goes on live TV to announce the indictments) and presents it at trial, the defense rests without calling one witness, and because the jury couldn't find it in the evidence to convict him on even one of seventeen indictments's a 'serious miscarriage of justice' and Johnson doesn't get it.
Yet more from the Dept. of Unmakeupable Shit. The Bu$hCo DoJ is still basically oh-fer in prosecuting "terror cases". Either they are trumped up charges, fascilitated by the Patriot Act, or else Ashcroft and Gonzales are the most incompetent AGs in history or both.


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