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Monday, January 23, 2006

Pants on fire, again

Dubya and his spokeshack both dish out patently false statements today about Spygate. Here's Dubya (via Digby) Hullabaloo:
There is one new wrinkle. Regarding the illegal wiretapping, he just said, 'it's amazing to me when people say I just wanted to break the law. If I wanted to break the law why would I brief congress?'
The problem is that the congress wasn't briefed beyond eight members of congress and they were told that they couldn't even discuss with their staffs.

And here's Dan Bartlett:
We went to Congress. We talked to the chairman and the ranking member of the intelligence committee. We talked to the leadership, both Republican and Democrat, House and Senate. These very discussions happened three to four years ago…The fact of the matter is, everybody came to the same conclusion, that what the president was doing was legal and was necessary.
ThinkProgress has the goods.

Can't this administration do anything but lie?


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